jeffheadshotThanks by stopping by!  Since this is a one-way conversation (for now), let me try to make the most of it for both of us.

I am an author, ghostwriter and freelance writer. I am now at work on my 14th and 15th books (you can see 10 of them on my books page). I also have hundreds of articles to my credit, which have been published in such prestigious places as Business Week, Money Magazine, Consumer Reports and other publications and websites. I also work with businesses and corporations of all types and sizes.

My particular areas of interest are personal finance, small business and entrepreneurial issues, progressive workplace management and other relevant issues and topics.

A quick word about my approach. It’s my firm belief that money and career are certainly not end alls but, rather, important components of a fulfilling and happy life. That attitude is hard wired into every project I undertake—absolutely no exceptions.

Please read more about me. I hope we have a chance to work together!